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INFINITT Healthcare("INFINITT") provides overview on how we use your information and gains your approval for collecting your information.

Regarding the collection of your information, we offer a process where you can agree or disagree to our privacy & leagal notice(by checking "Agree" button).

Your indication of agreement to this policy on a sign-up page will be regarded as your agreement to our collection of your information.

The information we collect is used for INFINITT.

Information we collect and how we collect them

To provide convenient and customized information for you in using INFINITT service, INFINITT collects the information as the following:
* Information you provide directly to us: when you sign up for INFINITT account, Sales Request, Demo Request, or contact INFINITT,
   INFINITT may collect the following information from you.

Sales Request

- Critical Information: Subject, First name, Last name, Email, Country

- Optional Information: Salutation, Company, Position, Street, City, State/Province,

                                  Zip/Postal code, Phone number, Facility type, Product of your interest,

                                  Estimated date of purchase, Follow up preference, Receive emails,



Demo Request

- Critical Information: First name, Last name, Email, Salutation, Organization,

                                Product of your interest, Estimated date of purchase, Current PACS User,

                                Vendor(s) presently considering

- Optional Information: Commenhts

Use of information

INFINITT uses all the information collected from INFINITT service to provide, maintain, protect, and improve INFINITT services, develop new services,
and to protect INFINITT and its users, as the following:
* INFINITT announces the release of new products, software updates, and planned events, using the collected information.
* We use the information for manufacturing, developing, operating, providing, and improving products, services, content, advertisement,
   and preventing loss and fraud.
* We may use your personal information such as birth date, for the purpose of personal identification, supporting personal identification,
   and identifying appropriate services.
* In certain cases, we may notify you of issues regarding your purchase using your personal information, and important updates such as changes in INFINITT notice.
* We may use the information for internal use such as audit, data analysis, investigation for improving products and services of INFINITT,
  and customer communications.
All information you provide to us will not be used for the purposes other than necessary for smooth operation of INFINITT.
We will ask your agreement/approval in advance, when the scope, use purpose, usage of the collected information.
Provision and sharing of information

When we provide your information to a third party or share it with a third party, we will notify you individually in advance through email or written notice of the following, and
request your agreement: who will be provide or shared the information with, their main business, what items of information will be provided or shared, purpose of such provision or
sharing of the information.
For the following cases, we may provide or use personal information by obtaining your agreement through a legitimate process.


* Partnership: for the provision of the better INFINITT service, we may share your information with our partners. In such a case, we will go through a process to

                     notify you individually in advance of the items including: Partner Company, items of the personal information to be provided or shared with,

                     purpose of the information provision or sharing, provision period, privacy protection method. When you do not agree to it, we will not provide or

                     share your information. We will also notify you of the changes or termination of the partnership.

                     Also, in case the partnership is terminated, we will delete the already provided personal information, if you do not agree with the provision of the

                     information. Even if you had agreed to the provision of your personal information, you may withdraw such agreement at any time.

* Subcontracting: For smooth business operation and the provision of better service, we may subcontract the handling of your information.

                          In such a case, we will at any cost notify you in advance of the following in detail: name of the subcontractor, purpose, scope of personal

                          information to be subcontracted, subcontract process, and period of the subcontract.

* Sales, M&A: in case the rights and obligations of INFINITT service provider is succeeded or transferred, we will notify you in advance at any cost, and grant you

                     the right to choose whether to withdraw your agreement of INFINITT's use of your personal information.


For the following case, we may provide your information without your agreement.


* When you agreed to disclose your information in advance.

* When you caused psychological and material damage to others in using INFINITT service and it is deemed that there is a strong evidence to mandate the

   disclosure of your personal information for us to take subsequent legal actions.

* When we anonymize individuals and provide their information for the purpose of statistic, academic research, or market research.

* When there are specific regulations in the relevant law.

Whom we disclose your information to
For offering better services to you, we may provide your information to or share it with entities such as INFINITT's affiliates, INFINITT's overseas corporations, or partners.
You reserve rights to refuse to agree to the collection and use of your information. In case you refuse to agree, you will not be able to use INFINITT service.

To whom


Information to be provided

Period of reserving and using the information

INFINITT’s overseas corporations

Consulting and service provision

(Sales & Demo Request, etc.)

Subject, First name, Last name, Email, Country, Salutation, Company, Position, Street, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal code, Phone number, Facility type, Product of your interest, Estimated date of purchase, Follow up preference, Receive emails, Commenhts, Current PACS User, Vendor(s) presently considering, information related with product sales such as whether you are a user of INFINITT’s products

Until the cancellation of your membership or the subcontract agreement terminates 

Online powewrs

Developing and operating systems for service provision

Subject, First name, Last name, Email, Country, Salutation, Company, Position, Street, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal code, Phone number, Facility type, Product of your interest, Estimated date of purchase, Follow up preference, Receive emails, Commenhts, Current PACS User, Vendor(s) presently considering, IP address, cookies, date of your sign-up, time and date of your INFINITT visit, period of your INFINITT service use, service use log, frequency of the use, service error log, statistical information, etc.

Managing your information

You may at any time view or correct your personal information registered in INFINITT and may do so through INFINITT user profile page. Also, when you terminate your account, the stored personal information will be deleted.

Period of maintaining and using your information

When we collect your information, we maintain it from your signing up until the time of the termination and cancellation of your contract to use INFINITT. Once your contract to use INFINITT ends, we will delete your personal information immediately and have a third party immediately delete the already provided information as well. However, for the following cases, we reserve your information for each of the set period of time.

* When there is a need to keep the information according to the regulations of law such as the commercial law, we reserve the transaction information and basic 

   minimum information for the period set by the law.

* We keep the information in case the reservation period had not passed yet after we announced the reservation period in advance, and during the contracted period

   we contracted if we obtain your individual agreement.

* For the following cases, we keep your information for the set period;

   - Record on the withdrawal from the contract: 5 years

   - Record on the fee transaction and/or provision of goods: 5 years

   - Record on consumers' complain or dispute handling: 3 years

   - For preventing re-signing up of users who have impure purposes, and for securing evidential material about the use of paid information, and preparing for

     disputes, we maintain your ID and resident identification number for 3 months temporarily, from the day of your termination of the contract.


When you request to view your information we keep with your agreement, we, without gesitation, take actions for you to view and check it.


Technological and managerial issues

Your information at INFINITT is protected by your password. Therefore, only you can access your personal information. You can modify and delete your information at INFINITT using your password. Therefore, you must not disclose your password to others. INFINITT does not ask your password through unnecessary phone calls or emails. Please log out of your account and close the browser window after using INFINITT with PC. That is to prevent other INFINITT users from viewing your information of content of communication when you share your computer with others or use a computer in public places such as internet cafes or libraries.

INFINITT provides the following technological methods to prevent your information from being lost, disclosed, changed, or damaged:

* Securith device including the use of password

* Anti-virus device using anti-virus vaccines

* Access control system using intrusion detection/blocking system

In addition, in order to ensure safety, we provide the following managerial methods for the technological methods to prevet the loss, disclosure, change, and damage of your information.

* We ban storing users' personal information and general data mixed together

* We provide a process to grant and check the authority to access personal information and check it

* We designate a person to treat your personal information and have him assign password to you and maintain security

* We designate a computer center and data repository as protection areas and provide an access management process

We strive to keep our system secure once we receive your information. However, we are not responsible for issues occurred by the disclosure of your information including your ID or password, due to your carelessness or problems of the internet.


How to delete your information

In principal, we delete your personal information immediately, once the purpose of collection and using the information is achieved, or once the legal and managerial need for the information is met. For information on paper documents, we shred or burn them, and for information on electronic files, we delete them by using a method that makes the information technologically irrecoverable.
Change in privacy policy

INFINITT Privacy Policy can be changed at any time. We do not reduce your rights described in this Privacy Policy without your explicit agreement. When there is any change made in this Privacy Policy, we will publish it in this page. If the change is significantly critical, we will take more active measures, such as sending you a notification email, etc.

Further information about privacy portection 

If you need to report or inquiry about privacy protection, please contact us at:

YB, Lee (Management Team)

Tel: 02-2194-1651      Email:


If you need to report or inquiry about other privacy protection issues, please contact:

* Privacy Invasion Reporting Center, Korea Internet & Security Agency: / 118

* Cybercrime investigation team, Supreme Prosecutors' Office: / 02-3480-3571 

* Cyber Bureau, National Policy Agency: / 182