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INFINITT PACS is an award-winning smart
enterprise image management solution.
Experience INFINITT PACS, which offers
streamlined workflow with advanced yet
easy-to-use features.


INFINITT PACS is a completely web-based PACS in which departmental PACS viewers such as Radiology, Cardiology, Dental, Mammo PACS viewers and 3D post-processing capabilities can operate on a single database platform.

INFINITT PACS offers user-friendly interface, improved workflow, and simple integration with other information systems including EMR, HIS, RIS and OCS. Being compliant with international standards (DICOM, HL7, IHE, and HIPAA), INFINITT PACS provides greater value for end users.




Image sharing service

• INFINITT PACS supports streamlined collaboration across different healthcare enterprises by 
  enabling them to share medical images. When healthcare organizations access a hospital with 
  INFINITT PACS, they can view imaging data and report data of the patients they are referring in the 
Speedy image display
 JIT(Just In Time) Loading
  With JIT loading, you can view large volumes of series images on the screen as soon as you select 

 Progressive Display
  With the progressive display feature, you can view patients' images even while experiencing slow 
  network speed.
2D/3D on a single viewer
•  By supporting all functionalities of 2D and 3D, diagnosis can be made easier and more efficient with 
Efficient storage
•  As INFINITT PACS supports temporary image volume, you can use the storage more efficiently. The 
   main storage is divided into D (Data) and T (Temp), to separate images to be temporarily stored.
Powerful Demo Folder
•  You can save modified studies in the Demo Folder to use them for your own purposes - i.e. 
    academic uses such as conferences or research.

Advanced hanging protocols
•  Advanced hanging protocols allow for the automatic display of MPR/MIP/VR/BAS (Brain Angio 
   Subtraction)/virtual endoscopy, scout lines and hanging of prior studies.
•  With user-configurable layouts, you can read studies as soon as opening the images in various 
    viewing modes, such a side-by-side study comparison, stack viewing, scrolling, animation, and 
    cross-study linking.

Consolidated worklist
•  Among sites with INFINITT PACS servers, clinicians can access images of their patients in other 
   hospitals on a single worklist.
•  Using the patient match feature, you can search and find patients you look for easily across 
   hospitals with different patient ID systems.
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